The Gem State has plenty of nursing job opportunities. Out of the top four cities in Idaho the median annual registered nurse salaries are as follows: Boise $62,141, Idaho Falls $53,141, Pocatello 52,941, and Twin Falls at $52,941.

Five of the top quarter of all private sector employers in Idaho are hospitals or medical centers. St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center in Boise is 5th with 4,533 employees, St. Alphonsus Medical Center in Boise is 7th with 3,000, Kootenai Medical Center in Couere D’Alene is 14th with 1,600, Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center in Idaho Falls is 17th with 1,329 and St. Likes Magic Valley Medical Center in Twin Falls is 18th with 1,300 employees.






Idaho Facts & Figures

  • 2012 Unemployment Rate: 7.7%
  • Unemployment Rank: 30 of 50
  • 2011 Per Capita Income: $33326
  • Per Capita Income Rank:  39 of 50
  • 2011 Cost of Living Index:  91.4
  • Cost of Living Rank:  6 of 50

Three Largest Cities in Idaho

Ten Largest Hospitals in Idaho

Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center
St Luke’s Regional Medical Centrr
Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center
Kootenai Medical Center
Bannock Regional Medical Center
Magic Valley Reg Medical Center
Veterans Affairs Med Center
Mercy Medical Center
St Joseph Regional Medical Center
State Hospital South

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